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professionals in the western sonoma area and about 40 within the valley area and so we would like to stay, continue and continue to grow our businesses there. >>> good afternoon commissioners my name is jeffery miller with miller company architect i want to follow up on the previous speaker i have a business that has been there for 50 years and in my building there are several interior designers and lighting designers my wife is a designer who has a space had the building as well. we actually share facilities copy machines and thing like that, that we cross fertilize, it seems that we are part of the creative density of the area and having designers, landscape architects and argument connects architects and interior poem shrewded from the area i do not understand that. i have been to several meetings and i support the plan in general but it's just in this particular matter, i do not support the purpose in that. >> is there any additional public comment? okay seeing none of the public comment it's closed and opening up to commissioners commissioner sag guya. >>> i think the process
? in western gnoma. gnome sonoma. >> yeah the destinations here, distinction here, all of the height the zoning districts in split height are larger lots above half an acre and so for half an acre to three ache retro customers the special zoning use calls them out and says we are going to give you some additional height but to take advantage of that height it require an additional use and one of those pro visions that instead of paying a higher tier impact fee you pay a tier one impact fee for residential but instead of paying 15% or providing 15% on site affordable it refers to the tier b for afford. and so you do a higher rate of affordability which, is 20% and exchange essentially and if we don't adopt these changes to thezoicking map and planning code, then none of those parcelels and that pro vision that increases the affordability could not apply to those zones split of hair son street. >> i think we are still going to get significant housing there and 15% affordable and it's going to be built at a height and bulk that is more appropriate. >>> so as i understand it, it's ab
power outages throughout the day, so be prepared. >>> sonoma county fire department is tell us it has already responded to a half-dozen downed trees this morning. one collapsing on to a house in petaluma. two came down yesterday, closing this stretch of napa's redwood road. creating a 45 minute detour for locals. the trees took out power lines on their way down, leaving 50 homes without electricity. >>> the sierra is bracing for more rain and snow this morning. that's raising concern about flooding in areas near creeks and refers. this morning the truckee river near lake tahoe is under a flood warning. the national weather service said the weather could crest at four feet above flood stage this morning. >>> our meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm with leave doppler 7 hd and she's at the weather center with the latest on which areas, lisa, are getting hit really hard right now? >> right here, carolyn. the report of a mudslide up in sonoma county. and watch out napa. right now getting the very heavy rain from mount saint heleena. that's where the radar is. you see the cold fr
land use. >> the sally is uniquely different from all of the zoning districts in western sonoma and its gradually shrining as the district is closing in on the boundaries but the response is to the planning departments guidance during the eastern neighborhoods process and it says that's city needs to provide example amount of space for service and light industrial uses. and the eastern neighborhoods didn't have adequate space and so they put the burden onto western sonoma and so given the limited amount of space that we have, we took s l i area where there is currently no housing accept for 100% affordable and where the intent of the board of supervisors was to limit the use and set aside it to be a loan area where the city would still provide support for service, slight industrial and pd r uses. >>> are you satisfied with that. >> i'm satisfied with that, yes. >> commissioner hillis. >>> yeah just that i don't know how i would vote on this or on the c u for this i think it's awkward that we are short circuiting a c u that is in place. >> commissioners there is a moti
in sonoma county where there's severe flooding. reporter: if you're trying to get to napa on highway 121, forget it. this entire intersection is completely flooded, under water. the water is moving very fast. it's very cold tonight. in fact, this is about as far as i'm going to be venturing into it. this is the heart of the wine-making region, and where highway 121 meets highway 12. a lot of vineyards are underwater. here's what this looked like before sunset. water raging across the roomplet all coming from nearby sonoma crook, which has overflowed its banks. the water spilling into farmland and vineyards. luckily no reports of injuries or flooded homes. the town of sonoma is two miles from here. it's dry, but getting there is a challenge. detours are set up. let's go back live to this truly amazing shot. sonoma creek, 200-yard from where we are tonight, sonoma -- chardonnay graips over -- grapes over here, and behind us, where the traffic signals are, water is three to four feet deep. anyone's guess when that's major intersection will be re-opened to traffic. we're live in the sonoma v
. >> a flood warning in effect for sonoma a county. petaluma reporting flooding there and pen grove park and stony brook road. 30 degrees at the tahoe valley airport. 34 truckie. the winds picking up. the winter storm warning continues until 4:00 tomorrow morning. close her to home, mount tam very strong winds. lots of heavy rain. and the flooding i talked about we will show you petaluma and the points around it in just a moment. our roof camera looking at some very, very soggy conditions. so live doppler 7hd just filling the screen with moderate to heavy rain all throughout the bay area as the strong cold front pushes onshore. so first up, up in the north bay where you are looking at the heavy rain from sonoma, napa, petaluma. highway 101. some of this is the higher elevations where not a lot of people live but as you get closer down to highway 1 here and that is where we are looking at the flooding over the old bridge there. really take some care there. and the rain will continue to pick up for the next couple of hours. so you need to get on out of that area up in petaluma. around the
areas. sonoma county, road closures last night. highway 12 and 121 in shellville remains closed for now south of sonoma, it is expected to reopen sometime today. tomas roman shows the difficult driving conditions throughout the bay area. >> reporter:f+tñc this is too common a sight for many here. highway 120 with one and highway 12 floods after heavy rain then becomes a river when high tide occurs. rain was heavy throughout the bay area in american canyon highway 12 and red top roads streets became flooded after 5 p.m.. umbrellas were necessary. rain poured down on mcdonald avenue slowing traffic. in berkeley ashby avenue exits were covered withstanding water few slowed didn't. roads filled with people returning from spending holidays with relatives and friends)cjyl chp was very busy. >> i'm actually from the bay area so i'm kind of used to it but it is rough when driving on these freeways. i'm ready for the sun. >> reporter: water was the reason for the closure on mount tam, rain not the culprit. water main burst beneath the road. the road was closed according to a firefighter becaus
. in sonoma county, high water is forcing road closures. the chp issued a traffic alert in shellville south of sonoma. thomas roman is there live with the latest. thomas? >> dan, if there is any consulation here it is late on christmas night and most people are already home. this flooding and road closure won't cause much of a traffic problem. >> this is all too common a sight in sonoma and napa county. highway 121 and highway 12 floods after a heavy rain and then becomes a river when the high tide occurs and pours more water into the area. the road will be closed until sometime on wednesday. the rain was heavy throughout the bay area. the streets became flooded after 5:00 p.m. umbrellas were a necessary part of any wardrobe on this christmas day. the rain poured down on richmond and mcdonald avenue slowing traffic. the frontage roads were partially covered. few drivers slowed down. roads were filled with people returning from spending the holidays with family and friends. they were very busy due to twice the usual accidents. cedric emerson is ready for dry weather. >> i am actually from th
brought flooding in some areas. in sonoma county, high water is forcing road closures. the chp issued a traffic alert in shellville south of sonoma. thomas roman is there live with the latest. thomas? >> dan, if there is any consulation here it is late on christmas night and most people are already home. this flooding and road closure won't cause much of a traffic problem. >> this is all too common a sight in sonoma and napa county. highway 121 and highway 12 floods after a heavy rain and then becomes a river when the high tide occurs and pours more water into the area. the road will be closed until sometime on wednesday. the rain was heavy throughout the bay area. the streets became flooded after 5:00 p.m. umbrellas were a necessary part of any wardrobe on this christmas day. the rain poured down on richmond and mcdonald avenue slowing traffic. the frontage roads were partially covered. few drivers slowed down. roads were filled with people returning from spending the holidays with family and friends. they were very busy due to twice the usual accidents. cedric emerson is ready for d
in sonoma county. we have a flood warning and it has been flooding in petaluma and willow creek. you can see the back edge of the front. this is where the winds have died off and the rains have ended. still some very heavy rain through novato and southward. and there is also flooding reported in marin county with a flood warning through 10:15 from the creek to the east bay, hercules and vaw knee shaw, 580. flooding in santa cruz, santa clara county. moderate rain in fremont and gusty winds in union city. on the peninsula, a heavy downpour and winds have lightened up here. but still some light rain. the front has yet to move through san francisco. some heavier rain on the peninsula from woodside to 280 and flooding is happening in the santa cruz mountains. we are looking at rain rates of an inch an hour and another additional inch is forecasted. take a look at these current wind gusts. you can see where the front has moved through. it is breezy and dangerous out there. and throw 10:15 we will be looking at flooding imminent, and then beyond that the creeks and the streams will be draining int
discussed the 3b and i guess to clarify to the public one of the reasons for western sonoma zoning is there was an incompatibility with the night time uses with housing because people move in and then they complain and there was a desire to try to avoid that and so pretty much the zoning is an either or proposition. it's not -- we did it is not plated as both a proposition and members of the public cannot speak and so when the 3b option came forward to make those none conforming and could not expand, you know, there was an acknowledgement that that was an entertainment area and we would toying to continue it being that way and then the proposal chooses one use over the other unfortunately and we have learned that although people have claimed that they can co exist with entertainment uses they don't always do a good job of that and so that things us to the other issue about the 11th street project and it seeps like there is a two projects on the whole list that would be impacted and so there doesn't need to appear that there is a need for a larger grandfathering and for this projec
>> in sonoma county roads turn into rivers. cars up to the wheel well in water. what a mess in san francisco. especially if you are the owner of that car. huge tree crashed on top of it. the owner had just bought it. and in oakland during the storm just one of many accidents on slick roads. good evening everyone i'm carolyn johnson. dan is off tonight. showers this evening but still one more big storm we have to contend w.let's get right to sandy tracking it all open live doppler 7 hd. live doppler 7 hd we see the rainfall intensity picking up again so show you where the showers are. first we go to the north bay where they have been coming in and just redeveloping very quickly. i take you down to street level here around guerneville and russian river to forgetville. river road sweetwater springs road we get some moderate to heavy rainfall right now and as we pan around to other parts of the bay area you can see here glen ellen warm springs road we have some showers out towards napa road. check this out around nap can see how quickly this is all developing and m
, northwest corner sonoma, sea ranch to fort ross on highway 1, a little wet weather around annapolis road, slowly moving east it is very light, the best chance of any real significant wet weather for the next hour or so is going to remain to our north. we will see a few sprinkles and a little scattered light rain in the north bay through the morning. better chance of rain moving through the north bay during the afternoon whether you are at the coast in the north or inland at the north you are going to have rain the rest of us mostly cloudy with low to mid 60s. >>> students will be back in class this morning at a marin county middle school closed because of storm damage. a culvert backed up flooding four classrooms, library and administrative offices. significant damage at white hill middle school, flooring annuals may have to be replaced. -- and walls may have to be replaced. >>> road crews and mountain residents are still dealing with a lot of damage from the weekend storms. lilian kim shows the effort to clean downed trees and reopen a washed out road is going on before more stormy weat
with the western sonoma plan and so that is unfortunate that, that, path was taken but this is a good project and encourage it.. >> that your commissioners gym meek cofrom south of market and funny finding myself here supporting the recommendation of tim colon and i think serve on board supporting it project it was a unique situation when sandy miller and her class of architecture of students from cal polly were working with task force before still came on the pictures and they had been assigned this very same parking lot and they were created what kind of uses could go there and that is where the whole concept of a mix of uses came from. planning department in these initial meetings had great difficulty wrapping their head around what we were trying to do because the traditional way of thinking has always been dropping some -- in somebody's neighborhood and calling it mixed use this is sen or eight buildings i can never keep track televise and each with it's own use we told the planners come town to the neighborhood and look at what we are talking about and i think the picture that he show
corner sonoma county, king ridge road towards annapolis road, sea ranch to fort ross sprinkles even light rain in the grind -- in the green around sea ranch, mendocino, lake county up towards eureka and crescent city the steadier rain now. around the bay mainly cloudy, 50, by noon steadier rain starts to move into the north bay where it will stay by 4:00 then all of us light rain during the evening temperatures in the 50s inland a few sprinkles this morning rain in the north bay by noon, rain will stay there through 4:00, then light rain will move into the east bay valleys after 7:00, temperatures around 50 at the coast mainly cloudy upper 40s to near 50 now rain along the north bay beaches noon stays there 4:00 then starts heading south at 7:00. >>> still following breaking news out of . crews on the scene of major -- house fire, large home on stagler lane still burning that is a rural area. dispatchers got the call after 3:30 this morning they are still trying to put it you, no injuries reported. >>> in san francisco, nudity rights activists are promising to go full frontal at today's
and anguish for the families of those being cared for at the sonoma developmental center, it provides care to hundreds of patients patients wh intellectual challenges. regulators are yanking the facility's license. vic lee has more on why is this happening? >> reporter: dan, the sonoma developmental center had a troubling history. reported abuses and poor investigations by its police force. and now the department of public health has moved to shut down a major portion of the center. the program that cares for patients with severe disabilities who aren't bedridden by live on the premises. >> if they close us, i mean, i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: she heads the group of family members and advocates of those being treated at the sonoma developmental center. her autistic son, dan, is one of some 300 residents with severe disabilities. if the sonoma center is shut down, she will have to find someplace else for him. >> i don't know where that's going to be. i mean, that's what's really scaring families like me because that's my kid. >> reporter: miller says the institution wa
for sonoma county, including the city of petaluma, the western area of the county. there are several creeks and streams there, including the petaluma river. looks like there will be localized flooding. >> our particular concern is the point is willowbrook and pin grove park at the old redwood highway bridge, and willowbrook and stoney brook road. watch out. the warning is in affect until almost 1:00 this afternoon. if you are going out this morning and you are in that neighborhood, be careful. >> we will keep you posted. sonoma county near petaluma. >>> and meanwhile, we have another big storm move into the entire bay area. >> yes. let's go over to elizabeth wenger looking at the weather throughout the bay area. >> yes. you can really see it. we have had flash flood flood warnings and wind advise i since overnight, pretty much in the entire bay area, set to expire at 1:00 this afternoon in the north and east bay. this is what is going on. heavy to moderate light systems flew the bay area. this is what it looks like from the view of the roof camera. a lot of readings in the 50s as far
also north bay good morning you can see yellows taking over most of marin and sonoma even oranges starting to take over windsor just getting out ofzt?h)he heaviest rain still hanging around latest update we still have yellows around windsor pleasant>j hill road down to old redwood ride to the -- road south;o of santa rosa stone any point redwood drive petaluma hill that whole area getting heavy rain some of the heaviest where valley ford and walker road connect where we had the reds a few seconds ago. to the south heading towards novato watch out on novato boulevard as you come into novato from the west this is slowly sinking south right now anywhere south of9(f the north bay not raining but it is going to be in the heart of the bay in about an hour and probably south bay by 8:00 9:00. >>> good morning. flooding where mike was talking about in theÑco! windsor area north 101 windsor river road high winds on all bridges extra caution late traffic coming into san francisco still two lanes in the southbound direction they will reconfigure that as the commute getsomw)r underway light
. there are flooding concerns in sonoma county where several roads and streets are still closed. reporter cornell bernard is live in napa. a dramatic water rescue on napa river. >> much of wine country is still drying out after the storm, but the napa river as you can see here is still high, swollen with rain. we arrived moments after a man wound up in the river right underneath the third street bridge. >> a man flailing, fighting to stay afloat in the middle of the napa river. crowds on the bank watched the drama unfold. >> they were there really quick. >> we needed to get him out real quick. we got a good throw on the rope. >> the victim was pulled ashore. a ladder was brought in and the man was pulled to safety. there was no time to waste. in sonoma county, high water is still a big issue. intersection of 12 and 121 was underwater when sonoma creek overflowed its banks. today the water is still spilling into nearby vineyards. >> it looks like the ocean is out there right now. only nice thing is all the vines are dormant so there is no harm. >> dozens of roads are still flooded. george lives ne
of this rain has brought flooding in some areas. in sonoma county, high water is forcing road closures. the chp issued a traffic alert in shellville south of sonoma. thomas roman is there live with the latest. thomas? >> dan, if there is any consulation here it is late on christmas night and most people are already home. this flooding and road closure won't cause much of a traffic problem. >> this is all too common a sight in sonoma and napa county. highway 121 and highway 12 floods after a heavy rain and then becomes a river when the high tide occurs and pours more water into the area. the road will be closed until sometime on wednesday. the rain was heavy throughout the bay area. the streets became flooded after 5:00 p.m. umbrellas were a necessary part of any wardrobe on this christmas day. the rain poured down on richmond and mcdonald avenue slowing traffic. the frontage roads were partially covered. few drivers slowed down. roads were filled with people returning from spending the holidays with family and friends. they were very busy due to twice the usual accidents. cedric emerson is read
on a regular schedule and on time. >>>Ñ5bx commuters in sonoma couy could use a break from the rain right now flood waters are still impassable on highways 12 and 121. terry mcsweeney is live at the intersection. >> reporter: the best i've got right now is sometime today. what happens is when there's a heavy down tour as there was yesterday and a high tide, this -- this road closes not unusual they wish it was an unusual occurrence as you can see road closed, flooded. pictures of what it looked like last night. they've been trying to fix the problem here for quite sometime, obviously, no success. yesterday, it want hard to find rain-related problems, american canyon water piled up on highway 12 red top road all this going on, on christmas day the traffic was light yesterday, richmond on mcdonald avenue they had back-up there also in berkeley a lot of places down pours and one person we talked to says he's about ready to have it wrap up. >> i'm from the bay area so i'm couldn't of used to it. but it is a little r'çí[ when driving out there on these freeways. >> reporter: you will be happy >
coverage for you tonight. alan wang is live in sonoma county. sergio is in santa cruz county. >> we begin with meteorologist sandhya patel with a look at what's happening right now. sand -- sandhya? >> we have rain on live doppler hd. a flood warning was just issued, and we will talk about those in a moment. let's get to the live doppler 7hd. we have our own radar on mount saint helena and it is tracking moderate to heavy rain around the windsor area. sweetwater springs road. as you can see highway 101 here. as we head up, we are getting light to moderate rain there. this was worrisome because it will only get worse. and that is why a flood warning has been issued for the russian river until 6:00 p.m. on monday. the russian river and it is also under a flood warning. that is until 8:00 p.m. on sunday night. let me show you some of the other areas seeing showers in the north bay. around santa rosa light to moderate rate. the showers #r* quickly developing -- the showers are quickly developing spotty in nature. east, southeast of the morgan hill area, rain shower totals are impressive, over
to the commissioners adopting the sonoma general plan, the planning code and zoning amendments i would like to give those to you right now. >> commissioners you will note that the executive summary on page three reit rates the motion in consideration and you will find them on page two and three. >> condition one reiterate and states that any changes to this project is subject to the approval of the board of supervisors and commissioners also included in that, stack had a i just gave you there is a copy of the how kins agreement regarding the sponsor election to provide affordable units on side with rent restriction in according corns with the how kins act. >> we reiterate -- under the final selection for the following reasons the project proposed 4510 units and it bridges a gap in housing in fraction it provides mix in unit times types, unit and loft style apartment and is these variety of unit types provides a wide array of opportunity for various howing types and proposes a higher and better use of this large site and the project proposes a mix of uses that cannen louvren and contribute to
just over six inches of rain up in the far northern end of sonoma county. rainfall has varied. winds are gusty in a couple of spots up to 50 miles an hour, but not as strong as earlier today. we have scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. heavy rain coming. i'll have the timing of all of this for your holiday weekend in a few minutes. dan? >> thanks very much. the wet weather has been causing problems all over the bay area. alan wang is live in santa rosa with the story there. alan? >> dan, we had a break for awhile, and now we are starting to see the rain pick up a little out here. this is just one of the many flooded areas in sonoma county tonight. there are several washed out roads west of santa rosa. and the public works crews are expecting it to get a lot worse this weekend. joel stopped at the water's edge west of santa rosa and decided to roll the dice. >> came through a couple hours ago and it was pretty light. i thought i could make it through this time. >> unlike these trucks and suvs that made it across, their toyota was swamped in a foot and a half of water just like th
is also creating avenuity for sonoma county residents where the river expected to get dangerously close to flood stage in the next few hours. ktvu's jade hernandez was in flood-prone guerneville and joins us live from a fire station in forestville. >> reporter: that is right, the roads are wet and there has been steady light rain since sundown. it appears threats of nearby guerneville are going to see how much rain they get before they start filling their own sandbags. they took orders by phone, so customers could honker down into today's study, but light rain. >> everyone is talking about it and said this is minor compared how to it has been. >> reporter: shirley banner remembers of flood of '86 where the russian river rose to 17' above flood level. >> everybody comes by here to go to the bridge and see how high it is. >> reporter: in the dark it's hard to tell but the national weather service reports that the river is well below any flooding stage. residents are used to watching and waiting. >> they should be prepared and everything ready to go and have food in the house. >> i thi
wanger, cbs 5. >>> shriners in sonoma county walk up a plank to get in the front door because the restaurant sits feet away from floodwaters at highway 121. the grill stays open even when the roads are closed. >> as long as the water doesn't come in, i'm happy. >> reporter: the owner said this area is prone to flooding. he keeps pictures from past floods on the walls of the restaurant. back in 2005 the shellville grill filled with 2 feet of water. >> when you have this much rain, with back to back storms, there is nothing to do except wait it out and that's what we're doing now. >> reporter: diners seemed happy to wait it out with him. >> we're braving the floods for locals nearby. >> reporter: they screwed wood on the doors just in case and have had to fix a lot of damage from flooding in the past but call it's part of the character of the place. so just what will it take for him to close? >> i will wait until it comes in the doors. then we exit the people out the back door through the kitchen. but i'll wait until the bitter end. >> in shellville, cbs 5. >>> good news there.
for parts of sonoma county and the flood will rise another foot before it crests. it is around sonoma county and in the area of boeheim highway and we'll see minor flooding which will be taking place and i will show you what you can expect for christmas eve coming up, here is tara moriarty. >>> some flooding near the sonoma raceway, just be aware it is causing some delays. san francisco you can see traffic on the right as you make your way towards fso and traffic is flowing well into san francisco, let's head back to the desk. >>> police are searching for a missing man. police say he may be in a creek in fairfax. here is alex savage who will report on what happened just moments before the man went missing. here is alex. >> reporter: the search has been temporarily called off for this man at the creek and the police chief just told me a short time ago, they will be back out here and searchers will later on this morning at first light continue that search but for now the search has been called off. th are looking for a suspected drunk driver who jumped into the water. police have been searchin
becoming more intense in the north bay. i'm talking sonoma and marin. if you have plans tonight you will be in the rain but the heaviest rain when you are sleeping. we will detail the flood watches and the timing of the rain coming up in a little bit. katie. >> thanks so much. as the next big storm moves in, the big concern is the north bay. take a look at this video from outside of the stump down brewery in this time-lapse webcam video. you can see how quickly the river has risen. allen long reports from sonoma county where the national weather service has issued a flood warning. >> certainly it will be up to here. the flood stage or the expectations at gurnville is 32 feet. >> his trailer sits on the banks of the river and he has watched the river rise 17 feet. he's packing up and heading for higher ground. >> it's not fortunate it. fortunately my little house has wheels on it. >> even the crete us are headed for higher ground. and several low lying back roads of flooded and it only took a foot of water to stall out this car. >> we were coming from windsor and going to the small.
helped fill it. the light rains today are helping keep it full and it's happening all over sonoma county. take a look at video we have from guerneville where a dramatic change in river levels happened yesterday just like everywhere across the bay area. locals say they expect the russian river to approach flood stage this weekend. one man whose trailer sits right on the banks he watched the river rise 17 feet yesterday. he packed up his belongings, this morning he is planning to head for higher ground. >> it's going to be up to here. the flood stage and expectations at guerneville is 32 feet. >> flood signs popped up across highway and low lying back roads. some ignored the warning signs and no such luck. cars stalled and good samaritan we saw. this light rain today is somewhat of a break. it's going to get heavy tomorrow morning and residents we spoke with here in sonoma county they are using today's light rain as a break to brace and prepare their properties for tomorrow's big storm. >> katie: dozens of people in the santa cruz mountains are still without power and highway 9 is still sh
that off-ramp, crews are there to clean it up. westbound 37 near sonoma raceway car off the roadway you can see it, no emergency crews to pick that up, they are on the way. south 101 before cesar chavez earlier accident cleared. >>> 5:01. developing news from japan a powerful 7.3 quake hit overnight followed by powerful aftershocks. there are injuries. cornell bernard is live in the newsroom with the latest. cornell this had to be deja vu for many folks. >> reporter: scary reminder no tsunami warnings for us here on the west coast most of japan's north eastern coast has been hit and on high alert rather for a tsunami since that quick hit after 5 p.m. japan time, epicenter north eastern japan near the city of miyagi lots of shaking felt across japan in tokyo news agency lights were situation, workers held on to directions until the shaking stopped. shortly before the quake, japan's television broke into programming warning it was due to hit. people told to flee to higher ground right way that warning has been lifted. the same region hit by last year's massive quake which killed 20,000, trigg
. >>> well they are also worried about flooding in sonoma county with good reason right now. several roads and streets are still closed. cornell has a look what's happening there. >> man flailing. fight to go stay afloat in the middle of the napa river. crowds on the bank watching the drama awn fold. >> they were there really quick. we sat down and all of a sudden they were just there. >> needed to get them out real quick. we got a good throw on the rope. >> the rope worked. victim was pulled to shore. ladder brought in and the man climbed out to safety. with refer running so high firefighters knew there was no time to wast waste. in sonoma county high water is still a big issue. the intersection of highway 12 and 121 was under water yesterday when sonoma creek overflowed its banks. today the water is still spilling into nearby vineyard. >> looks like the ocean. is throughout right now. the only nice thing is it's all the vines are dormant so no harm there. >> does he says of road like this one are still flooded. towards sonoma creek he's from frustrate the. >> every year there
a concern still in sonoma county in fact since last night, highway 121 has been shut downright there by highway 12. similar story on sunday after sunday's storms. they had flooding in the same area and one more live look outside milpitas, 880/237 moving at the limit. that's traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. >>> there's more urgency in washington to get a deal done before the so-called "fiscal cliff" deadline less than a week from now. senate majority leader harry reid was reportedly at the capital on christmas working on a scaled-down plan to avoid tax hikes for all about the wealthiest americans. his plan would include short term spending cuts instead of long-term deals that had been sought. >>> from hawaii. comes word that president obama will cut short vacation and return to washington later today to take part in "fiscal cliff" negotiations. christmas day the president and first lady met with servicemembers and their families. the president told the marines he was grateful for their service and posed pour pictures. >>> recent college graduates are having a toug
bit of patchy fog to contend with and still this, areas of sonoma county, we continue to watch the rushing river and it continues to rise and is not expected to flood but it will be near monitor stage. so we are watching this and i will have more on this coming up and i will have a look at your temperatures coming up as well. good morning, rosemary orozco back to tara moriarty. >> right behalf hospital curve, that is near the caesar chavez so be aware of it and we are flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour. let's go back to the desk. >>> a west and rescue operation is underway and police say it all started when they pulled over a suspected drunk driver right near college avenue in fairfax. this is video from the scene we are just getting. the suspect just took off on foot and they saw the man jump into a nearby creek. search and rescue teams have been looking into the water and it is still unclear if he was in the was the he error -- water or if he did get away. >>> storm watch monitoring the borders of east palo alto and menlo park. janine de la vega joins us live from
about patchy frost in napa and sonoma and we will give you the numbers and outlook when the run returns coming up in the seven day outlook. >> you saw from the map mr. how much rain fell in the north bay. while the break is nice there are still worries in the north bay about the threat of mud slides and weakened trees. cornel has the store arery now from mill valley. >> tree crews say it is not what they wanted for christmas. so much work they can barely keep up. a family snapped a picture east after a 50 feet tree blocked the road. >> when i saw it, it was like a massive just like mess so i was kind of like shocked. >> arborists say storms weakened the earth and created danger for the public. >> how saishow saturated is th? >> 100%. a lot of rain and moisture. weak ones are falling over. >> tree crews still removing this 70-year-old tree blocking a driveway. so much water coming off the mountains in mill valley it is creating a spectacle and a lot of worry for firefighters. >> we are concerned about the stability of the earth. >> reporter: the chief and his crews are watching the hills
. for sonoma, we have a flood warning and the floor flood watch in the north bay counties and the coastline with this latest storm as well. current temperatures in the 50s, maybe you have big weekend plans for saturday, a few pockets of sunshine. let's get you back into the weather board. what we'll have for tomorrow is a smaller system to the north. it's very, very weak and basically going to keep the onshore flow going. stray showers in the forecast for saturday. by sunday, that's when the fourth stronger storm system is set to arrive. that is in river levels and will be rising to the highest levels and will be of our highest importance. let's get a look. tomorrow morning we will have areas of scattered showers down to the south bay. as we head throughout the afternoon, we will keep the hit and miss showers. not expecting heavy rainfall on saturday. as we head into sunday's forecast, here we go. heavy rainfall moving in from the north bay down to the south bay throughout 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. that could bring up water in a lot of the local streets and rivers and creeks and s
... muchos juegos tuvieron que ser suspendidos. cesar ---al norte, en el condado de sonoma, varias carreteras estatales tuvieron que ser cerradas por la fuerte lluvia... take vo ----la primera fue la autopista uno, a la altura de la calle ford road, no muy lejos de ahi, en rohnert park, la avenida rohnert park expressway esquina con stony point road tambien fue cerrada a la circulacion vial por el nivel del agua... ---de misma forma, la autopista 121 que cruza el arroyo sonoma creek ha sido clausurada en ambas direcciones hasta previo aviso... blanca ---mientras que el transporte tambien se ha visto afectado por la lluvia. take vo ---el aeropuerto de san francisco ha sido el mas afectado de la zona ya que al menos unos 60 vuelos, 30 llegadas y 30 partidas, fueron cancelados o pospuestos el dia de hoy ---los funcionarios recomiendan llamar a su aerolinea antes de salir hacia la terminal aerea. ---en oakland esta maÑana solamente se reporto una cancelacion mientras que las operaciones del aeropuerto de san jose transcurrier on de forma normal. ---en varias carreteras de la region tambien se re
:00 this morning it stopped. >> sonoma county received between four to ten inches of rain. highway 12 at 121 was river at 10 al-and all this water is not expected to recede until the tide goes out and takes the flood waters with it. >>> the last report we got from pg&e was that there were about 11,000 people still out of power throughout sonoma county. pg&e says it has crews throughout the county trying to restore the customers as soon as possible. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> ama: we have dramatic video of an accident that left three east bay firefighters hospitalized with serious injuries after a string of crashes on highway 24 in orinda. crews from the fire department were at the scene of two earlier crashes when an suv hit a fire truck, flipped over and skited into several people off the side of the record. just look at that. we were there just as the last accident happened on the rain-soaked highway. veteran firefighters were all taken to john muir hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver of the suv and another driver are in critical condition. >>> take a look at this st
still being built as helping get rid of the extra water. we'll have a live report at 6:15. sonoma county, in gurneyville, residents dodged a bullet. the russian river did not overflow. sonoma county received between four to ten inches of rain. residents hope when the tide goes out, the excess water will go with it. >>> there are some flooded streets in san francisco as well as fallen trees, hill -- hill -- lillian him is live. reporter: this is quite a big cleanup job. this large tree came crashing down this morning. as you can imagine for the people who live here, it as quite a scare. >> the family surveyed the damage. luckily no one was hurt but this large tree, which came from the house two doors down, damaged the fence and a tree. their dog was in the backyard when it happened. >> i was there with my dog, and that would happen been just tragic. i'm glad he ran. he has big legs. >> the department of public works says it received 40 called of large continued trees or limbs. >> i heard a huge boom. i didn't know what it was. i just went to the living room with my brother, some, yeah,
have been much worse. carter evans is in sonoma tonight. >> reporter: this was the last punch in a weather system that's been pounding california for five days. and it was supposed to be the worst. the rains came with a vengence, high winds uprooted trees and overturned trucks near san francisco. to the east colder temperatures turned heavy rain into snow, saving the mountain town of truckee from the predicted flooding. california's wine country had also braced for the worst. >> the water was coming very fast and furious but the cole vert system that we've created was able to take that extra water and get it safely through town with jill techel says her town has spent more than $250 million over 20 years to protect the flood-prone city. for this storm it worked. >> that whole area of town would have been closed. we would have had to evacuate everyone out. >> but down the road in sonoma. >> here's all the water and i can't believe, where is it all coming from. >> matt's restaurant is still in danger. >> the location which am is where a river runs through continuation literally
'll utter the word "drought". this engineer from sonoma county water agency is optimistic. >> when is>÷ this last time you had this much water? >> in 2010, 2011 we came out of summer with;9yjt high reservr lefrls. we were actually about this level, we hadn't had storms again there. >> now, to the down side of that water. sat railted soil, and trees that come tumbling down. here are the remember nanlts of one tree along sausalito boulevard in southern marin. and to the north a bigger problem along ben yet valley road. this remnants of one tree had been bad news and delays for drivers like katie curve. no getting through this. >> now, i'm going to have to find another way to get there. >> that might qualify as this job took five hours. >> with this storm we've had just about a fourth one of this size. >> fourth? >> yes. in the last probably four day autos how much tree is there? >> this is the, probably just wood alone, probably four 10 wheeler load autos it's a lot of tree. it would be a lot of firewood, too. interesting note. sonoma county does have a program to trim those overhangi
to communicate with a horse today. did communicate with some people for sure. we started over in sonoma county, mid 30s it didn't get really cold until we got to napa, really cold and really beautiful. the warning came too late for those unaware of the over light below freezing temperatures in parts of the north bay. -- these horses in sonoma county broke layer of ice that hardened on top of the water. the big guy seemed to signal yes it was cold. in napa, the official low last night was 25°, frost on cars, frost on the ground, recycling bins if it gets on planes at napa airport, bad news. >> it destroys lift and capacity of the wings and other aero dynamic surfaces to operate. >> reporter: the horses seemed to signal they don't mind. amanda does. >> i have to be to work at 4:30 i wake up 4:00 there is ice on the car and i have to scrape it off i'm not into that first thing in the morning. >> reporter: it looks like the threat of the mid 20s they had last night appears to be again in time to bring in rain this evening. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> right now in the south bay, a program desi
121 in sonoma county. terry mcsweeney joins us live from there. it just reopened. >> reporter: it just reopened at 7:00, it was closed all night this is the epicenter of the flooding you can see the water and the cones out, everybody here knows this area is yet again, one high tide or one downpour away from more flooding. the water sits on the shoulder of highways 12 and 121 in sonoma, giving you a good idea what closed this road you couldn't get through the water covered all lanes last night. about 7:00 this morning, the waters receded and the road reopened. down the road at jenelle's cafe they've seen this song and dance before, every time it storms at high tide. >> people thought they were fixing the flooding it was more about the safety of that road coming out. they put the light in to help it and they did try to help some of the flooding but mother nature wins. it goes over every time. >> reporter: all things considered not much damage. a little here, little up there they did a brisk business in the days leading up to the storm today they are ready for the morning after. >> we hav
sonoma county, napa county, the low-level moisture moving in and wet pavement on the golden gate bridge and also a lot of fog developing. so tricky travel this evening. we'll do the same thing tomorrow morning as well but you have to deal with moderate rain. live doppler 7hd picking up a little bit of this low-level moisture. not picking up a lot of it out there. you can see it's mainly centered in the north bay. santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma, some returns picking up there. heading over towards napa, and over towards american canyon, but elsewhere, if it's coming down, it's so light the radar beam is sweeping live but can't pick it up, which i typically the case and you can see a little returns here and there east of san jose. right now, 49 in santa rosa. 50s elsewhere across the bay area, and here's a look at the forecast. rain will increase overnight. we have another cold front due in here overnight. get ready for a wet morning commute. and then stormy outlook. looks like, towards the latter part of our work week. this has been a storm system, this warmer sector is responsible for the
settled in tomorrow. look at the rainfall storm totals since last thursday, over 11 inches in sonoma county. over 5 at santa rosa. we got quite a soaking over that period of time. we could be in a soaking for tomorrow. as the next storm as we loop the satellite radar as it approaches the area, it sweeps southward and a i'll give you closer look and where the wet spots will be in just a few minutes. >> carolyn: upstate new york, a man who shot two firefighters to death and wound was a convicted felon who served 17 years for killing his own grandmother. police in webster, new york say 62-year-old william spangler opened fire on first responders. four volunteer firefighters were then shot. two of them were killed including one who full time police lieutenant. investigators say he then killed himself. the fire spread to six other homes which were also destroyed. >> dan: fire departments are stunned and shocked that first responders were targeted. we spoke with san francisco firefighters about it today. sergio quintana is in the newsroom. no doubt they are stunned. >> reporter: absolutely
. >>> in the north bay, heavy rain contributed to this watery mess along highway 121 in the transition in sonoma county. major intersection was closed for several hours. all the water came by from sonoma creek which overflowed. it inundated the vineyards and farmland in the path. >> another part of the north bay was battered, a stretch of stone any point road in cotati after a sinkhole closed it for several hours today. sergio quintana has the story. >>> rushing or not from heavy rain, overwhelmed this drainage culvert on stone any point road near cotati. >> water is traveling underneath the pipe creating a cavern and a potential, a sinkhole. >> crews installed steel plates to help support the weight of cars. runoff was posing problems for places like petaluma where the river crept right at this point downtown area. some streets had their sandbags set if the river crept higher. sandbags were on standby on "f" street, water barely squeezed under the roadway. further up the river, will brown and his sons assess water levels from a neighborhood bridge and noticed plenty of debris being rushed down
are in effect for sonoma county as the water levels in several rivers and creeks continue to rise. we are live in petaluma where willowbrook creek is a good example. k. he ra. >> katie, two days ago willowbrook creek was completely empty. yesterday it filled almost to its limit. it's happening all over sonoma county. rivers and creeks filling either to their limits or unfortunately in some cases over their limits. one man tells us he watched the banks of the russian river rise to 17 feet yesterday. he was packing his belongings. this morning he's planning to head for higher ground. >> i think it will be up to here because the flood stage or the expectations at gurnville is 32 feet. >> flood signs popped up across highways and low lying back roads. some drivers ignored those warning signs, you can see, and tried to cross anyway with no luck. a windsor resident said he pulled three cars out of a flooded part of the road. the russian river, meanwhile, is expected to reach its capacity, but not surpass that throughout this weekend. but residents we've spoken with say they are focused on tomorrow
of sonoma county up to sea ranch on 1 scattered sprinkles even light rain in the green heading across annapolis road, this will start to head off to the east and looks like by noon most of the north bay will have steadier, light rain while the rest of us will be waiting on this system. the coast best chance of rain up north, upper 50s to near 60 around the bay mostly cloudy, low to mid 60s inland north bay 50s with rain, everybody else mostly cloudy and low to mid 60s. >>> 5:03. san francisco's ban on public nudity could be official today when supervisors take a final vote. protesters promise to be at today's meeting to make their opposition heard as well as seen. terry mcsweeney is live in the castro with more. >> reporter: here in the castro is where this push to allow public nudity began and really where a lot of opposition came up and big reason why it may be ending today. there's been a vote, 6-5 in favor of covering up. the vote may not be the only thing revealed today. take a look. members of the san francisco body freedom movement stripped in the board chambers november 20th,
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